Summer is the best time to get well

With the onset of the long-awaited summer vacation, we all definitely rush to the resorts to rest and restore their health after the hard working days.

As writes, it does not matter where and by whom you work, and even if you just sit at home, you need a holiday in the summer. Today, various travel companies simply fill up with their various assortment of the proposed recreation for every taste in any part of the world. But sometimes you want a simple, cozy and quiet rest in the expanses of your homeland, after all, and we have enough places for your long-awaited vacation, and the further you leave the city, the better. But where to go to rest – this is a completely different matter.

The sea is the best medicine

There is nothing more beautiful, even for a few days to go to the sea in the summer. Sea air is very useful for your health, but for the health of your children is simply necessary. What can be better and more pleasant than plunging into warm sea water, and after spending a little time under the sun, inhaling at the same time clean, not polluted by plants and exhaust gases of city cars, salty sea air.

Going to rest to the sea, you significantly strengthen your immunity, because useful in sea water useful substances, especially such as iodine, saturate your body, and serve as a kind of filter, walks on sea pebbles or sand along the shore – the best reflexology , very necessary for your nervous system.

Where to go to rest today – the choice is yours. This year, many resorts are very popular and hospitable, they will be glad to welcome you and provide good conditions for recreation, and clean sea air will give a charge of energy for the whole next working year.

Fairy tale – forest

Clean coniferous air, beautiful nature, to all this lovers seek rest in the forest. And in fact, such a holiday is wonderful. What could be better than walking through the forest, especially after the rain, inhaling the moist clean air, which has a curative effect on the human body, helps to restore strength and escape from the city bustle. No wonder most sanatoriums are located in coniferous forests. Due to its healing properties, coniferous air positively influences the respiratory and nervous systems, normalizes arterial pressure, enriches the body with oxygen, necessary for its normal vital activity. And if there is a pond or river nearby, it’s just amazing. Is not it great to wake up in the morning singing birds. watching as the rays of the sun make their way through the chic crowns of trees, breathe absolutely clean air before dizziness and go to the lake. Especially this option of recreation like lovers of fishing, because they can combine their favorite hobby with a pleasant stay.

And most importantly, in the reservoirs located near the forest, the most useful and ecologically clean fish are found.

Resting in the beautiful forest is a wonderful reunion with nature. And if you relax in a mixed forest, where trees such as oak, birch, alder grow, besides the beautiful, picturesque background outside the window you will get a whole complex of substances necessary for the organism, allocated by these trees. Rest in such forests is especially useful for people whose work is associated with a constant nervous tension and prone to cardiovascular diseases. In addition, to spend time in the woods you do not need to purchase a ticket to sanatoriums and boarding houses, you can go there to rest in tents, even on weekends. This is a great opportunity to retire from all problems and urban fuss, and most importantly, to put your health in order. To choose the conditions you need in the forest, it can be either specialized boarding houses or private cottages, you just need to go online.

Wherever you go to relax, at the seaside, or in the forest apartments – it will always bring only benefit to your body, because a good rest is the guarantee of your health, and the choice of your vacation place is yours.