Summer Makeup

041220167Every woman uses cosmetics. None of us can not afford to leave the house without makeup. With the help of makeup, you can hide some flaws appearance. So the woman feels much more confident. But when applying makeup you need to know a lot of nuances.

So, how to properly apply makeup in the summer?

1. Sunscreen. During the summer, the face and the neck should be protected from exposure to sunlight. If this is not done, the skin will age prematurely.
2. Powder. In summer, you need to use powder. This is due to the fact that in hot weather, sweating face.
3. Mascara. From the use of liquid eyeliner should be abandoned, because it can come off preprinted in sultry weather. In other words, the appearance is not very presentable. To highlight the bright eyes, you can use waterproof mascara.
4. Hair. Give your hair a break in the summer. No need to tie them in tight tails and use a hair dryer.
5. Smell. In the summer need to be careful when using any smell, because it washes sharper than in winter.

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