Summer Vacation

Everyone is looking forward to the summer season, to go to sea. What could be more beautiful with warm sea water and the gentle rays of the sun? Of course, nothing.

However, in the summer a lot of danger lies in wait for the person during the holidays. So, how to protect yourself on your holiday to return home full of energy?

1. Food. It is important to eat food only proven location. As is known, spoiled food can cause poisoning.
2. Marine inhabitants. No need to ever touch marine animals hands, as this may result in failure for the man. For example, if you pick up a jellyfish, it will burn. Holidays will be spoiled.
3. Beach. The sand is a lot of microorganisms, because the moisture and the sun – is the perfect place for their reproduction. In this regard, the beach is always necessary to wear rubber shoes. This will save you from fungal infections.
4. Vaccinations. If you go for a vacation to an exotic country, you need to make all the necessary vaccinations.

If you follow all the rules, then the holiday will bring you maximum enjoyment!

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