During the summer, many people are faced with such a problem as sunburn. The reason for this – the wrong hours of sun exposure. We need to clearly know to tan benefited, you need to sunbathe in the most favorable hours (early morning and after 16.00). In addition, in the first day at the beach, you have to be very careful. Spend more time in the shade, and the total time on the beach should be reduced.

So, what do you do if a person got a sunburn? How to help him?

1. Beach. In the coming days about any sunburn can not talk. It is better to spend time in the shade under the Christmas tree.
2. Cream. To soothe the skin need to apply a cream with aloe vera. It can be purchased in a pharmacy aerosol which contains dexpanthenol in its composition. It is an ideal tool for burns of any cause.
3. Water. A person should drink plenty of fluids, to avoid dehydration.
4. Blisters. Never attempt to open the blister. If the general condition deteriorated (there was a headache, fever), you should immediately go to the hospital.

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