Survive the Heat

In the summer, many people are concerned about the question – how can you survive the hot weather? When on the street under 40 degrees Celsius, it’s just hell. Breathing is very difficult, it is simply impossible to perform any kind of work.

What to do and take in this situation?

1. The shadow. If you can not stay at home, try to spend all the time in the shade. There is no better place than under a tree. Trees perfectly take away all the heat on themselves.
2. Eating. As for nutrition, it is best to revise it. Refuse very fatty dishes. All products should be as light as possible and quickly digested. As for the time of food intake, it is best to refuse food in sultry hours. The power mode needs to be changed. Breakfast should be early, and lunch later. So the body will be much easier.
3. Water. As for the drinking regime, it must be observed. Drink as much water as possible. So you will avoid dehydration. Water should be without gas.

In hot weather, it’s hard for everyone, so take care of yourself!

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