Sushi Damage

Sushi – has become a very popular dish around the world. It is liked by many. Its taste is very delicate. In the homeland of the dish, they are made to cook in an instant cafe. That is, for residents of Japan – this is quite an ordinary dish. He came quickly to a bite and ran further on his business. If we talk about Ukraine, everything is different here. Sushi is prepared in a restaurant. Unfortunately, not all residents of the country have tried sushi because of their high cost.

Many people find this dish very useful. However, do not delude yourself. Like any product, sushi can harm health. Do not forget about the term, like a sense of proportion.

So, traditional sushi is made from raw fish. We would not recommend exposing the body to such a high risk. It is best to choose light-salted fish. So it will be much safer.

If we talk about the red fish, then do not abuse the product. It may contain harmful chemicals. In this regard, I want to give advice – 2 pieces of red fish a week can safely eat, without fear for their health.

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