Swedish Cinderella or Princess Sofia

After the Swedish prince Karl Philippe made an offer to his beloved woman, she officially received the title of Princess and permission to marry a man of royal blood.

In the past, Sophia was a model, a volunteer, a waiter and a yoga instructor, but today she is one of the most influential women in the world who do not use her position to achieve anything in life. Thus, by setting a positive example for her people, Princess Sophia realizes herself as a person and as a person who knows how to competently choose not only acquaintances, but also to benefit others. Having a rich working experience, the princess feels confident in every society and can support conversation on any topic.

Sometimes, even feeling more confident among ordinary people than her husband Carl Philip, she helps the spouse to cope with awkward situations in communication and other moments. So, trying to guarantee a good name and at the same time fully comply with it, the princess always strives for perfection.

Royal hardening was not easy

Despite the fact that behind the princess Sophia, who is the wife of the Swedish prince Karl Philip, never a single embarrassment was noticed, the process of introduction into the royal family was not easy. After all, the rules of etiquette and correct behavior in society can not guarantee that a person will not get into the paparazzi’s lens in some disadvantageous position. But Princess Sophia, was a diligent student who never put her own convictions higher than those given to her in the lessons of royal tone.

And if you pay attention to her behavior before meeting the prince and after she became part of the royal family, you can see one big difference, which is free speech in relation to everything that could interest the girl.

Today, one can only envy the literate and always laconic speech of Princess Sophia, who does not show her true attitude to a particular issue and thus does not allow anyone to suspect her of duplicity and insincerity. This girl was able to conquer the heart of the prince with her charming smile, which she kept and being his wife, despite some prohibitions sincerely rejoice over anything.

Interests of Princess Sofia

Having received the status of a princess, Sophia did not change her interests, but instead tried to develop them even more. And if before she was just a yoga instructor, then at the moment she has her own complex in which she preaches the basics of this fascinating activity, thereby attracting the princess herself from time to time to visit not the royal gym but her own. these days, the excitement to get on one workout with a princess increases several times and people are ready to stand in line all night long, only to spend an hour in the same room with their idol. Very often, Princess Sophia finds time to act as a volunteer and help the poor or work as a nurse in a hospital. This behavior of the royal person only strengthens the faith of her people in the fact that among the royal blood, there are those who really care about the fate of his people.

It is worthwhile to pay special attention to the fact that after Princess Sophia became a mother, she gained a new role for herself, with which she copes remarkably well and could not be noticed in any oversight. After all, the upbringing of children in royal families, most often falls on the shoulders of teachers and nannies, who spend the lion’s share with royal children. But in the case of Sofia, everything is completely different. She tries to devote as much time as possible to her son Alexander, who shows considerable interest in the games that his mother prepared for him. Bidding to see her son as often as possible, Princess Sophia provides the boy with a happy childhood that does not exactly remind him of rare meetings with his parents. So all those who want to know how you can manage everything, when you are a princess and have to constantly attend some important events and at the same time pay attention to your child, it is worthwhile to take the example from Princess Sophia. It’s possible that the whole thing is in her not royal past.

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