Symptoms and Prevention of Vitamin Deficiency

Avitaminosis is a deficiency of vitamins and microelements in the body. Most often this condition is observed in the spring. This is due to the fact that fruits and vegetables since last season contain very few useful substances, and from the new season there are still no berries or fruits. In general, Papillux средство за брадавици и папиломи Македонија it turns out a vicious circle. This is one of the main causes of avitaminosis. It is necessary to approach the solution of the problem in a complex way. But first things first.

What Else Can Be the Cause of Beriberi?

1. Living in underdeveloped countries, where it is very difficult to provide a normal diet.
2. Taking medications for weight loss.
3. Eating low-value food.
4. Unbalanced nutrition.
5. Disturbances and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
6. Taking certain medications.
7. Dysbacteriosis of the Psorimilk купи Македонија intestine.

All these reasons can in some way badly affect the general condition of a person.

Symptoms of Beriberi

The most common manifestations of this condition are:

1. Constant feeling of fatigue.
2. Drowsiness.
3. Nausea.
4. Dizziness.
5. Decreased mental activity.
6. Poor skin condition, hair loss, brittle nails.
7. Teeth begin to NikoStop Antistress comprar España fall out and crumble.
8. Frequent diseases.
9. Pain in the extremities.
10. Bleeding.

Note that all the symptoms can be collected in a single complex or meet separately. It depends on the state of the body and the degree of the disease.

Risk Group

Most often, certain groups of people face this pathology. They need to be particularly vigilant in order to protect themselves from such serious health problems.

1. Pregnant and lactating women.
2. People who have problems with the psyche.
3. People who sit on NikoStop Antistress kupiti Slovenija hard diets and do not stick to the right diet.
4. Vegetarians.


Whatever it was, the prevention of this condition must be carried out, so that health was strong, and immunity – strong.

1. To include in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. If not yet a season, purchase frozen fruits and vegetables. When freezing, all useful substances are stored in them.

2. Do not forget about the greenery. In salads, add herbs. It is also an important source of minerals and vitamins. Dill, parsley, onions – all this can be grown on your own window sill without the slightest difficulty.

3. A healthy lifestyle. Nobody canceled the right way of life. Bad habits can not be discussed. Smoking and alcohol only provoke and contribute to vitamin deficiency. Refuse bad habits.

4. Vitamin complexes. In the pharmacy you can buy drugs, which include all the necessary substances for the body. However, before buying it is best to get a doctor’s advice. The composition of vitamins is different, so before you buy this or that drug, the doctor must assign a certain list of tests.

5. Walking in the fresh air. Do not NikoStop Antistress kúpiť Slovensko forget that outdoor walks should be regular. Walk in the fresh air every evening. Walking should last long enough.

6. Rational nutrition. Pay enough attention to proper nutrition. Do not get involved in diets. To bring the body in good shape, it is enough to establish a diet and exercise in the gym. Hard diets will not bring the desired result. Weight will remain the same, and health can suffer greatly. Eat rationally – this is the secret of success.

7. Drink broth of dogrose. Brew the broth of dog rose. Berries contain vitamin C, which is useful for the body, especially in the period of colds. The drink is very tasty, and a light sour tastefully quenches thirst.