Symptoms of Appendicitis

At all times people are faced with such a problem as appendicitis. This is a pretty serious pathology. Coping with it can only be a doctor during surgery. It is very important to immediately see the symptoms, to bring the patient to the hospital.

So, let us look at the main manifestations of appendicitis. And everyone should know, because no one is safe from this disease.

1. Abdominal pain, most pain is felt in the navel. When walking, coughing, sneezing, pain is always enhanced.
2. Appendicitis is right at the bottom. Pain is always possible to recognize the place of its location.
3. Very often a human patient vomiting can occur.
4. Patients with no appetite.
5. Often, the body temperature may rise.
6. Constipation and back pain – are not rare manifestations of appendicitis.

It is worth noting that the disease does not take place. It must be treated only by surgical intervention. It is important that now the operation can be performed by laparoscopy. Within a few days you will be home and would be a great feeling!

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