Symptoms that Signal the Seriousness of the Disease

15111611Sometimes there are such sensations, which we do not pay attention, but in vain, since they can indicate serious disease.

For example, if you notice that during the conversation, suddenly forget what wanted to say more, it indicates poor blood supply to the brain, so you need to be screened. Most likely you have too thick blood, which can lead to stroke.

If after eating often is the unpleasant feeling as heartburn, you should not write off this overeating or fatty and spicy food, because this symptom may indicate diseases such as gastric ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease and even esophageal oncology.

If at night you sleep at least 8 hours, but, nevertheless, all day long feel sleepy and this state have observed over several days, it is not worth it to write off a change in the weather, because it is the state of health may indicate abnormal breathing during during sleep, which is sometimes interrupted.

In addition there are a number of symptoms that require a serious approach, for example, temporary numbness, chronic cough, and constant thirst.

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