Tan without Harm to Health

After the summer season, many women have bronze skin tone. That’s very beautiful. These women seem to be more sexy. However, you need to know a lot of nuances before you start sunbathing. Remember, sunburn can bring both benefit and harm.

So, what nuances you need to know?

1. Clock. Sunbathing is best early morning or evening. At this time the sun is more gentle and soft.
2. Cream. Before you leave the apartment to put on body sunscreen. It is best to use a SPF 30 cream.
3. Hat. In the sun, it is very important to wear a hat to protect yourself from sunstroke.
4. Moles. If you have a mole on the skin, then you need to follow them. Under the influence of sunlight, they can begin to change color and shape.
5. The gradual habituation to the sun. If you have just arrived today, that on the beach you need to spend a minimum of time.

Lovely woman to be beautiful and tanned, it is not necessarily to sunbathe on the beach. You can always use tanning. It is much safer and faster. Be beautiful and charming!

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