Tanning Rules in the City

So warm days have come. This means that you can safely go to nature. So the weekend will pass in a more cheerful atmosphere. In addition, few people want to sit at home when the weather is so beautiful on the street.

Undoubtedly, many want to get a little tan. Only in this matter it is important to know some of the nuances. What tricks do you need to know during sunburn in the summer?

1. When can I get out? Sunbathing is best in the early morning. If you like to sleep longer, then in the sun it will be possible to appear only after 16.00. Remember, the dining sun harms the skin and health.
2. The shadow. Do not forget that you can not stay in direct sunlight. Every 15-20 minutes you need to go into the shade.
3. Food. After meals, you can not sunbathe. Wait at least 30 minutes. But remember that on an empty stomach is also not worth to go out into the sun. The best option is a glass of carrot juice 20 minutes before sunbathing.
4. Medicinal preparations. If you are taking any medication, carefully read the instructions. Many drugs can increase the likelihood of burns.

As you can see, in order to tan good, you need to know a lot of nuances.

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