Tanning without Restrictions

0512201610Every woman wants to have beautiful skin tone. In the summer, each of us trying to get a tan, so throughout the year to be very showy lady. What could be more beautiful tanned skin? Men of these women are crazy.

However, you need to sunbathe wisely. You can not lay all day in the hot sun, as this may cause a variety of health disorders.

1. Less makeup. When going to the beach, you need to apply a minimum of makeup.
2. Movement. Try to move more and do not lie. Without traffic skin and muscle atrophy. Be active to always be in good shape and mood.
3. Time. On the beach it is best to spend the morning and evening. The dinner is best to rise to the room and relax. It is not necessary in the peak activity of the sun to be under its scorching rays (it is fraught with serious burns).
4. Moisturizer. Do not forget to moisturize the skin before going to bed. Sunlight leads to the fact that the skin becomes dry.
5. Sunscreen. Before you go to the beach, you need to apply sunscreen. Now they are presented in a myriad of market.

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