Tea and its features

People have used tea leaves for many years to enjoy the incredible taste and aroma of the drink that comes from brewing them.

It is necessary to pay tribute to the one who first decided to use tea leaves and got from it, just incredibly pleasant taste of the liquid. But after the opportunities of man in the field of science, began to develop significantly, there was a lot of evidence that tea is not just tasty, but also useful. He is able to cheer up and prevent a variety of diseases. Therefore, if a person wants to always stay healthy and strong, he should use tea as a daily ritual. Many peoples throughout their history of formation and development, differently related to tea.

And if some people began to use it in large quantities only recently, then the tea traditions of others have deep roots. It is worth considering more carefully what is the uniqueness of black and green tea and what is their difference.

Green classic tea

Both green and black teas originate from the same leaves of the tea bush. A significant difference is only the technology of processing these two kinds of tea. The name “green tea” is evidenced by the fact that it has a greenish color in dry form, as it did not yield to fermentation and heat treatment. That is, we can say that those sheets that were collected on the plantation, first dried and packaged in bundles to send the buyer. The color of the dry green leaf has a wide range of shades – from gilded green or pistachio to dark green. But the greatest value of fresh green tea for human health, lies in its medicinal properties.

This drink contains a lot of tannin, which has antibacterial, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties. Also in green tea it is easy to find vitamins B1, B6, C, F and P, which have a positive effect on the human body.

After all, every time a person wants to improve his health, he always seeks help from such products that can saturate his body with useful substances. In many cases, a person who daily drinks a few cups of green tea, provides himself with healthy blood vessels for life. It must be said frankly that only with the help of green tea, in blood vessels, blood clots can never form and cholesterol can stay for a long time. The vessels become more elastic and, therefore, protect the person from strokes and other diseases of the cardiovascular system that may arise due to an incorrect lifestyle. Therefore, choosing a green tea, as a daily drink, you can count on his help for human health.

Black classic tea

Black tea is distinguished by the fact that in the production process it lends itself to full fermentation (oxidation). Its taste is devoid of bitterness, and the infusion has a red or orange color. Black tea has received the most popularity in Europe, where it is customary to drink it in pure form or with milk, lemon sugar. Also it is very often served together with desserts. Useful properties of black tea are contained in the content of vitamins, minerals and tannins, essential oils and caffeine.

All this helps to keep blood pressure in norm, and also guarantees to the person excellent state of health throughout the day. It is necessary to pay tribute to the fact that it is black tea that regulates sugar in the blood, which means that a person who suffers from diabetes mellitus can consume it without restrictions. Of course, it’s worth to always know the extent to which tea is applied, because if you exceed the permissible limit, the effect may be the opposite. Black tea is different in that it always has a strong taste and a rich bouquet with spicy notes. We must try to make in our lives a tradition that would help health be stronger, which means that the use of tea ceremonies is not just a whim of royal families, but, indeed, a very useful lesson that helps significantly strengthen the immunity of a person and protect him from different diseases.

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