Terms Reduce High Cholesterol

People in adulthood face a problem like high cholesterol. This is a problem that can not be ignored.

So, what to do, that blood cholesterol bounced back?

1. Weight. Watch your weight. Excess weight – it’s one of the reasons for high cholesterol. Weight should be within the normal range.
2. Smoking. Give up bad habits. It kills the body from the inside. Fight with their addictions.
3. Sport. Work out. Nobody talks about exhausting sessions, but an easy warm-up does not hurt anyone. This can be fitness, dance, gymnastics, swimming.
4. Tea. Include in your diet green tea. This is a useful drink, which is great tones.
5. Garlic. Eat garlic. This is the number one product in order to reduce bad cholesterol.
6. Carrot. Carrots are useful not only for the eyes. With it you can effectively reduce cholesterol.

As you can see, you can lower cholesterol without drugs. To this end, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet to reconsider.

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