The aging process can be slowed down a bit

Recent observations in the field of human body research have shown that aging cells can still be prevented and suspended.

As the mechanism of cell aging works, scientists can not give an exact answer. However, there are already several versions of hypotheses and versions. Nevertheless, the result of observations shows that with daily active movement of a person, you can increase the duration of your body’s youth.

Although this will not be seen too much on the skin of the face, the human organs will be more active and alive than those who move very little.

Scientists say that physically exercising every day (enough to run lightly for no more than 45 minutes), internal organs are working more actively, and therefore their metabolism is accelerated. Perhaps this is the key to unraveling. The cell is divided very quickly, and the old ones do not linger and are utilized for a long time.

True, it should be noted that the process of excessive training can cause the opposite effect. And if the body is constantly tired, then it will become much faster to grow old.

Is it possible to lose weight quickly in this for two to four weeks?

The process of dumping excess weight, always took a lot of time from people. Yes, it’s not easy to get rid of a lot of fat in a short time. And the correct weight loss is one in which the fats are broken down, and catabolism of muscle tissue does not occur. Therefore, you need to immediately set yourself the goal that the sweet and delicious food, which is obtained mainly from carbohydrates, will not enter our body.

In order to lose weight in a few weeks, you need to have a very high motivation. After all, otherwise you just get off and all the work will go to the cat under one place.

The second thing is necessary not to tempt yourself with food, to avoid the place where food products are sold. Well, the diet itself should be maximally protein. That is, you need to eat hard cheeses, poultry, preferably not fatty, seafood and eggs. As for carbohydrates, they should not exceed more than 25 grams per day. Well, not more than 10 grams of vegetable oil or walnuts.

The truth to such a diet needs to come gradually. After all, if you sharply lower the level of carbohydrates, you can experience a bad mood. And if you stay on it for 8 weeks, then you will be very surprised by your result.

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