The Appearance of Dandruff

Nowadays more and more people are faced with the unpleasant cosmetic problem, like dandruff. The situation is not the most pleasant, but you can deal with it. But first you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence. This is due to the fact that if you remove the irritant, the dandruff go away by itself.

1. Hormones. During puberty, the hormonal system is suffering a lot of changes. In this regard, a teenager may appear dandruff. This phenomenon is temporary.
2. The headpiece. In winter, many people complain about the appearance of dandruff. Dandruff appears in this period because of the wearing of hats.
3. Shampoo. If you choose the wrong shampoo, dandruff that can be your constant companion.

To get rid of dandruff, you need to wash your hair with warm water (in any case, not hot). Learn to pick up all the beauty products for hair. The choice should be thorough and deliberate. It is equally important to eat produktv useful for the organism (vegetables, fruit).

If you stick to these simple rules, your hair will always be beautiful and healthy.

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