The Beauty of a Woman and Nutrition

A woman always wants to be attractive. This desire does not depend on age, place of work or residence.

But to do that you need to abandon strict diets and start to eat right. External beauty is a woman very much depends on what she eats.

So, how to eat, to be a man who has good health?

1. Almonds. The nut contains vitamin E, which maintains the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Eat nuts every day to be healthy. Just do not overeat because almonds refers to heavy food.
2. Onions. Include in your diet onion. The vegetable contains silicon, which has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. This trace mineral is also found in cucumbers and beans.
3. Apples. If you dream of white teeth, you have to eat apples every day.
4. Turkey meat. To ensure your nails are strong, you need to eat turkey, tuna and beans.
5. Water. To skin is always shining, you need to moisturize from the inside. To do this, in normal drinking water amounts (up to 2 liters per day).

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