The Beauty of Tan

Every woman is looking forward to the summer season, so you can go to the sea and sunbathe. Bronze skin always liked men.

Only without fanaticism. Before heading to the beach you need to know some rules of tanning, so he brought a favor.

1. Medications. If you take drugs, it is a hike to the beach will have to give. Some drugs increase the level of sensitivity to the sun.
2. Moles. Keep an eye on the state of moles. In the sun, they can regenerate.
3. Measure. No need to spend on the beach all day. Suffice it to a few hours in the morning (6.00 – 10.00) and evening (16.00 – 18.00). In addition, it is important to understand if you have fair skin, you get a bronze color is almost unreal. Start sunbathing always gradually, so the skin will be easier to handle the load.
4. Moisturize. It is important to moisturize the skin while tanning. Everybody knows that cause premature aging is the sun’s rays. Use cream or lotion regularly.

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