The Bedroom Should Be Safe for Health

A person sleeps up to 8 hours a day. From this one can draw quite a logical conclusion that in the bedroom he spends a lot of time. In order for sleep to bring maximum benefit, the bedroom must be properly equipped, without the presence of any microorganisms in bed linen or other items that are used during sleep. Dangerous microbes can be trapped at every step. Yourself and your family need to be secured. In this regard, I want to give XG-55 Sverige officiell hemsida some valuable advice.

How to Make a Bedroom so that it Only Brings Health Benefits?

1. Dust mites. These microbes feed on dead skin scales. Dust mites often cause allergic reactions and bronchial asthma. Most often they live in mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture, household dust. To the dust mites never bothered you, it is best not to allow their permanent residence in your bedroom. To do this, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures – often wet cleaning, vacuuming the mattress, pillows, washing bed linen at least 2 times a month, tilaa Black Mask Suomi keeping the temperature in the room not above 21 degrees Celsius and humidity at 60%. As for the quality of the pillows, they should be made on the basis of synthetic materials, since they can never get pathogenic microorganisms. For example, in the US they suggest changing old pillows to new ones every 18 months. This will prevent them from accumulating harmful microbes. But this does not mean that at this time for the purity of pillows do not need to follow.

2. Bedbugs. Bugs most often a person does not see, but he can find bites from them on the body. Often they itch and cause allergic reactions. Note that in order to cope with these parasites it is necessary to spray insecticides throughout the apartment, and bedding is often washed and well dried. Only this way it will be possible to kill the eggs of bedbugs. Although, these parasites are not so easy to get rid of, because of their small size.

3. Animal dander. Now many people keep pets pets in their apartment (cats, dogs, parrots). On the one hand – it’s good, but if you think about it, the wool and saliva of your favorite pets can cause allergies. A person Chocolate Slim Danmark may have difficulty with nasal breathing, rashes on the skin, a runny nose. To somehow protect yourself, do not let the pets into the bedroom and do not let them lie on the bed. In addition, the presence of a pet, will make the mistress clean in the apartment twice as often. In this case, it is best to carry out a wet cleaning. This type of cleaning is twice as effective. Before you have a dog or cat, think about whether you are ready for such responsibility.

4. Flu microbes. If you have had flu, then the bed should be changed for a new one. It is necessary to do this in order not to infect other members of the family and harmful microbes did not multiply further. Do not beställ Black Mask Sverige forget that bed linen is best washed at a maximum temperature, thoroughly dried and ironed.

5. Wrong mattress. If after a night’s sleep began to worry the pain in the back, then this indicates that the mattress has become unusable. It’s time to buy a new one. Note, when buying a mattress consult with a specialist to make the product ideally suited to you. A high quality mattress will provide a full and healthy sleep.

6. Pillow. To sleep was the most comfortable, you need to choose the right pillow. It should preserve the natural curve of the neck Chocolate Slim Suomi in any position. Only in this way will quality rest at night be guaranteed. Pour out, it’s good for your health!