The Benefit of Lime Tea

Many of us paid attention to the tree, which blooms in late summer – early autumn. On the tree are spreading very unusual flowers in the form of earrings. Of course, we will talk about the lime tree. To be more precise about its beneficial properties.

So, most of the linden brew delicious tea. You can drink it in everyday life, but most of it is brewed during colds. During his illness tea will have a positive effect – it increases perspiration, lowers the temperature and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In diseases of the throat infusion can gargle. Relief will come very soon.

Lime infusion improves the flow of bile and has a diuretic effect.

As you can see, the infusion of lime has a mass of useful properties.

So, how to make a delicious lime tea?

Best brew tea overnight. To do this you will need a thermos. The exact proportion is not. Take a handful of linden flowers, put into a thermos and fill it with one liter of hot water. In the morning drink will be ready. This will not only delicious, but also useful tea.

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