The Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are an exotic fruit, but it recently appeared on the shelves of stores that people take them for “their”. Children and adults are very fond of bananas. This is understandable, because they are very tasty and healthy.

So, what is the use of bananas to the human body?

1. Digestion. Bananas do not have a burden on the stomach, because they are easily digested. Bananas are high in fiber, through which you can get rid of constipation.
2. Allergies. Fruits practically do not cause allergic reactions. Now this is important, because with allergies are increasing every year.
3. Serotonin. The banana contains a substance serotonin. In this regard, the bananas can be considered a good antidepressant.
4. Pregnancy. When pregnancy is recommended to eat bananas. It is easy to explain. With their help, you can overcome heartburn, morning sickness and to prevent anemia.
5. Energy. Bananas contain a lot of sugar, so they give a lot of energy to man.

As you can see, bananas are very useful for humans. Eat their health.

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