The Benefits of Cabbage

Every woman over 40 should undergo annual mammograms. Such a resolution adopted World Health Organization. This is due to the fact that women are often faced with such disorders as breast cancer. If the disease is noticed at an early stage, the woman can be cured. Unfortunately, not all women devote sufficient time to their health.

But let’s talk about that as it is possible to provide the prevention of cancer. Everyone knows that it have at times easier.

We dare to remind that there are products that can have dangerous disease prevention.

So, what conclusions reached by scientists from the US?

Women who eat cabbage, at least once a week, the risk of breast cancer is reduced by several times. On the day you need to eat about 150 grams of vegetables. It is not so much the truth ?!

Scientists have noted that it does not matter what kind of eating cabbage (Brussels, Beijing or broccoli). Any sprouts benefit women’s health. Be healthy!

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