The Benefits of Green Tea

What is more useful for the body of green tea or black tea? This question is asked by many readers. The whole point is that the opinion of specialists in this issue has been divided. One says that black tea should also be drunk. Others are 100% confident that green tea is the most useful.

So, let’s look at the benefits of green tea today.

1. Antioxidants. For many of us, this word is no longer new. Everyone knows that this substance removes free radicals from the body. Thus, providing prevention of cancer and many other diseases.
2. The work of the brain. Thanks to green tea, the brain works better, since the drink contains caffeine. Drink green tea to become a smarter and quick-witted person. By the way, thanks to this feature of tea, it is possible to prevent senile dementia.
3. Weight. If a person has a problem with being overweight, then green tea should be drunk several times a day. With the help of a drink, you can burn fat faster and more efficiently.
4. Teeth. To health of teeth was excellent, drink green tea.

Turn on your daily diet of green tea to strengthen your health!

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