The Benefits of Sex

Every person knows that it is simply impossible to live without sex. This is a very pleasant pastime. Such a person was created by nature. And as you know, it is difficult to object to it against her.

But immediately I want to say that sex is not only pleasant, but also useful.

So, what is the benefit of sexual comfort?

1. Exchange of hormones. During the sexual intercourse, partners exchange hormones, and this is good for the health of both. However, sex without a condom is possible only with a regular partner. Do not risk your health if you do not know the person.
2. Strong immunity. In order not to get sick with colds, you need to make love more often. As you know, prevention is always more useful.
3. Healthy sleep. There is no better sleeping pills than sex. More often have sex, so that sleep is healthy.
4. A healthy heart. If you do not want to know what heart disease is, then in young years do not neglect love games.

Dear readers, sex is good for the body, do not forget about it.

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