The Berries from the Freezer

In the summer, the season of berries and fruits need to think about that winter comes and all this will not happen. In this regard, during the warmer months to do stock. Previously all the fruit had to be processed into jam or marmalade, but now everything is easier. To do this, you need to buy a freezer. Many berries are perfectly stored in the cold. For use in winter, they need to be defrosted. Then they can eat or cook compote, jelly. To a person not chosen, in any case, it is very tasty.

So, what can be frozen berries?

1. Strawberries. The strawberry contains zinc, fluorine, iodine. As is known, the high content of zinc in the body increases sexual desire.
2. Seabuckthorn. The sea buckthorn contains a huge amount of vitamins (A, C, B, E, F). You can use it to recover from illness and strengthen the hair.
3. Strawberries. In strawberries contains a lot of iron, zinc, potassium, folic acid. It is known that folic acid need a woman who is planning to become a mother.
4. Raspberry. Sore throat, cold – come to the aid none other than raspberries.
5. Currant. In currants contain a lot of vitamin C, which is indispensable during colds.

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