The Body’s Response to Stress

Today, more and more people are in a stressful condition. The reasons for it can be a lot (trouble in your personal life, bad attitude with employers and much more).

Much more interesting is how the human body reacts to stress. What are the processes? That’s what you need to understand in order to understand what’s what.

1. Lack of energy. In a stressful state, a person has absolutely no strength and energy to do something. It seems that everything falls from the hands. Weakness just overwhelms. A person can not move on in life.
2. Increased pressure. Very often there is a jump in blood pressure upwards. Often this is due to the release of adrenaline into the blood. In the stress of a person, fear prevails, because he does not know what awaits him in the future.
3. Desire to go to the toilet. Under stress, many people have an increased desire to go to the toilet. Often this is called a “bear illness”.

Dear readers, take care. Try to rest more. Avoid scandals and stress. You do not need them. The absence of stress will preserve health for many years. And health is the most important thing that can happen in the life of each of us.

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