The Cause of Dark Circles under the Eyes

It is now possible to see more and more women who have dark circles under the eyes. Before disguise them with the help of cosmetics, you need to understand the reason of their appearance. Sometimes it can be an occasion to check the status of their health.

1. Allergy. An allergic reaction can cause dark circles. Allergies can occur on just about anything (dust, animal dander, foods).
2. The thin skin. The skin in this place is very thin and delicate. With age, she becomes exhausted and it seems that under the eyes – dark circles.
3. Genetics. If close relatives found the problem, then you have it can also occur in high probability.
4. Sleep. If you sleep little, it is likely that you will encounter this problem. Avoid watching TV in favor of sleep. Sleep is more important and more useful for health.
5. Nutrition. Naladte diet and abstain from salts.

Lovely woman, follow their appearance from a young age. If this is done, even in 50 years, you will look young and beautiful.

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