The Cause of Female Depression

At present, more and more women in the doldrums. Certainly, no one is immune from this condition, but it is women who often suffer from this ailment. The problem is serious and, if left untreated, the consequences could be terrible. If the man himself can not cope with the problem, you should consult a doctor.

But first, let us look at the causes of depression.

1. Environmental factors. Scientists say that most all women become depressed because nedoponimaya family. In other words surrounding factor. However, there are times when the family are all good, but the woman is in the doldrums.
2. Hormone. The woman is constantly changing hormones. Depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle and mood changes. It should also be noted that during pregnancy hormonal changes. During this period, women can behave strange (to cry, then laugh).
3. Stress. Very often, due to the stress can become depressed.

I will say that if you see a loved one in such a state – try to understand and help!

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