The child’s habits are laid by parents from childhood

In the process of raising a child a huge role is played by his parents, that is, we with you from an early age lay in him the principles and qualities that we want to give his baby.

The truth is this is often a mistake. Quite a lot of parents are trying to raise their child an independent and confident person. However, they do not do anything for this. Parents constantly patronize the child and say that there is no need to go there, but do not take it, it should not be done and so on. In addition, phrases such as: “Look, he did it …”, “But this girl is good at learning …” and much more, on the contrary, form a child’s sense of independence.

And when he grows up as an adult and is expected to be able to make all decisions himself, and this does not happen, then people are surprised.

But everything was laid down from childhood. You did not let the kid know the World. You did not allow him to do something, because he could fall and break some part of his body. Also, comparing the child with others spoke of his low self-esteem. As a result, such a person will not be self-confident or independent.

Losing weight should not be limited only to caloric content of food

It’s funny to watch those young people who have eaten donuts and pancakes, for some reason, they start to realize that they are quite unattractive. And then such people begin to buy food with low caloric content. After all, rather extensive information is that reducing caloric content will lead to weight loss.

In principle, everything is true. The amount of calories consumed and spent should be respected.

However, many girls only look at calories. And do not pay attention to the content of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. But the acquired portion of food with a low calorie content, but a high content of carbohydrates, can affect much less efficiently than the same calorie only from fats. Only here fats should be either vegetable, or from the sea of ​​products.

If you consume more of these fats than carbohydrates, then in the process of losing weight, it will be the fat tissue, not the muscles. Otherwise, the abundance of carbohydrate food will not allow fats to oxidize in time, and the process of losing weight will be due to the muscle mass of the body.

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