The Choice of Spirits

021220169Every woman strives for perfection. To complete the perfect image, you need to use perfume. Only in this and there is complexity, because the market offers a huge number of flavors. How to choose the one that is right for you and emphasize individuality.?

Immediately I want to say that there are no universal scent. In addition, the same perfume may like one person, but not like the other. In this case, all individually.

How is it possible to pick up spirits?

Thus, the perfume should be selected depending on what time of year on the window (winter or summer). In summer, it is best to use floral scents, and in the winter – wood.

You can also choose perfume depending on hair color. For example, blondes ideal floral fragrance. As for brunettes, then they are more spicy, even intoxicating aroma.

Of course, it deserves a separate discussion – the choice of perfume to the wedding. On this special day, everything should be left to chance. In this regard, very carefully choose a perfume in the day of your wedding.

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