The Choice Sanitary Napkins

Currently, an increasing number of women using sanitary napkins. It is convenient and hygienic. But I want to say that the choice of pads – this is an extremely important task. The market represented a huge range of sanitary napkins. Selection sometimes do not so simple.

So what are the mistakes most often allow women the choice and use of gaskets?

1. Failure to wash hands. When changing the pads need to wash their hands, otherwise you can bring a lot of germs.
2. Bathroom. The bathroom is always wet, and this is an excellent breeding ground for various microorganisms.
3. The shelf life. Each product has a shelf life, gaskets – no exception. Do not neglect such an important factor.
4. Price. You never need to buy cheap products, because it can bring damage to health.
5. Scented pads. No need to buy scented pads, since no bacteria multiply with even greater speed.
6. Change. Change the pads frequently need to micro-organisms were unable to reproduce.

We hope that the simple tips will help you make the right choice!

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