The Cold Winter in the United States are the Result of Warming in the Arctic

A scientific sensation: the cause of cold weather in the winter 2014-2015 in the US was the Arctic warming. The stunning conclusion announced experts from various countries after the analysis of the nature of long-term climate variability. From the publication of materials ┬źNature Climate Change┬╗ implies that scientists have identified a relationship between the increase in Arctic temperatures and a significant warming of the ocean surface. The resulting vector of this set of factors was the melting of the polar ice caps. In addition, the positive growth of the Arctic temperature affects the so-called jet streams, and this may lead to changes in the weather countries.

The results of the effect of jet streams on climate contained in the conclusions of previously published work of scientists. The results will accurately predict the weather. In addition, the established relationship between jet streams and the temperature of the Arctic shelf will play a positive role for the long-term planning of social progress and business areas. This is especially significant for a country located north of the equator.

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