The Composition of Female Beauticians

271120164No self-respecting woman would come out into the street without cosmetics. This attribute should always be at hand. There’s a lot of useful things.

I must say that looking at the contents of cosmetics, you can tell a lot about its owner.

So, what can be found in the woman’s purse?

1. Powder. In hot weather, with the help of powder is always possible to align the tone face.
2. Lipstick. No lipstick on the street will not leave no woman in the world. Occasionally a woman can find a lipstick. It is best to have a palette of 5-6 shades. The choice should always be.
3. Dark pencil. Dark pencil can be used for both eye and eyebrow. With it, you can apply makeup «smokey eyes». It is a universal tool that should be in every woman.
4. Shadows. No need to ever buy a shade of the same color. The kit should be no less than five. This is due to the fact that the corners of the eyes should always shade.

As you can see, dear women, we always have to be beautiful. To do this, the entire arsenal of makeup should always be kind of hand!

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