The Correct Choice of Clothes in the Fall

In the autumn people get sick more often. This is due to the fact that the weather starts to deteriorate, and people dress up is still not as warm as needed.

It should be said that proper nutrition and the right choice of clothes, then this is a reliable way to protect yourself from colds.

So, what should you wear in the fall?

1. Cloth. It is best to choose clothes from natural fabrics. This applies to T-shirts, sweaters.
2. Layers. The more layers, the better. This creates a “pillow” that will not let the cold penetrate. The minimum should be 2 layers.
3. Shoes. Always choose warm shoes. It must be shown that in rainy weather, your choice should fall on rubber boots. There is no better protection against moisture than rubber.

Let’s give the simplest example.

It is important to always wear a jersey. With its help you can always feel more comfortable and cozy. On top of it you can put on a sweater or a sweater. On the legs wear tights, jeans and warm shoes. If it’s windy in the street, then we put on a hat.

Undoubtedly, this is just an example. Each of you can come up with something different.

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