The Destruction of the Woman Inside

Every woman wants to be a real beauty. However, very often you can meet women that look attractive, but look at them extinct. This is due to the fact that they have in mind harmony. Why is there no harmony? What can ruin a woman and lead to total impotence?

1. Bad habits. Alcohol and cigarettes are happier one will not do. It may be only a cover to attract the attention of others. For women, it is important to marry a loved one and to raise children. Everything else (work, career) – is secondary.
2. Gossip. No need to ever collect gossip and distribute them. So do only women who have poor education and low self-esteem.
3. Men. A woman must belong to only one man. If they become more, it’s a disaster.
4. Emotions. Learn to control all your emotions and feelings. As soon learn how to do it, you will realize how much easier and easier to live.

Dear women, I love my family and friends. Love – a gift that works wonders!

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