The Doctors Reported that you Can Live up to 100 Years

100 years – it seems that not all can survive until these years. But this is not so – medical workers have stated this. If you follow simple rules, then a person’s life can easily be extended.

So, how can you live up to the 100th anniversary?

1. Active way of life. The more a person moves, the better for his health. It must be understood that a sedentary lifestyle destroys and kills a person (pathologies of the heart, joints).
2. Cholesterol. A very important indicator of blood is cholesterol. It must always be kept under control.
3. Nutrition. It will not be necessary to sit on a diet if the food is right. Excess weight appears in a person due to the fact that he can not refuse smoked, fatty and fried foods. If you exclude them, then the weight will return to normal and health will become stronger.
4. Pressure. In adulthood, it is important to control your blood pressure. Buy yourself a tonometer to keep the indicator under control.
5. Weight. Weight should be normal. Excess weight leads to strokes and heart attacks. And this significantly shortens life.

Live long!

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