The Enemies of Our Skin

281120165Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy skin. This is due to the fact that the skin condition can be judged on the age always women. No woman wants to surround knew her true age.

So, what can be the enemy of the skin?

1. Harmful food. Fried and sweet foods is not only bad for the female figure, but also on the skin condition. We need to eat more vegetables, fruits, steam food. If you eat correctly, the skin will always be fresh and healthy.
2. Excessive use of cosmetics. Using cosmetics is necessary. Only in this case should always be approached with intelligence. In the need to measure. It is important to choose the means that suit your skin type.
3. Dirty hands. Try less to touch her face.
4. Alcohol and smoking. Smokers always look older than their years because their skin is aging twice as fast.
5. Lack of sleep. Sleep is very important for the body of each person. You need to get enough sleep every day. It is useful to go to bed at the same time. Lack of sleep immediately affect the appearance and condition of the skin.

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