The Golden Rules of Health Protection

Everyone wants to maintain good health into old age. But it is noteworthy that all want to achieve, but to give up smoking or drinking, no hurry. And so I want to live to 100 years – the entire population of the planet.

But today, let’s look at the simple rules of health protection for years to come.

1. Power. Everyone should always monitor their diet. This concerns the fact that it should be as varied. It is equally important to forget about overeating habit. It is always better to go from the table a little hungry than crowded stomach.
2. Sports. A person should as much as possible to move. Do not be lazy, sign up for a fitness or aerobics. Exercise is always good for human health. Only without fanaticism. Total should be in moderation.
3. Bad habits. Now is the time to give up smoking and alcohol. Bad habits only take precious health. Note, if you have never smoked or tasted alcohol, it is not worth it to do.

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