The happiness of a man largely depends on the woman

When there is a harmony of understanding in family relationships, people are very close to each other.

And even if the hobby on the side appears and almost comes to sexual intercourse, the “handbrake”, the mechanism of protection against treason, which helps to avoid such a mistake, can often turn on. After all, the subconscious will tell you that the person with whom you live is the best in the whole world!

True, women should also know that men are not physical robots for hard work, nor are they sex machines. They also have feelings and erogenous zones that require female affection.

How it works?

Waking up in the morning young, not yet married two loving each other people, it is sometimes useful for the girl to show perseverance to her partner and make him a blowjob. Yes, morning oral sex can very much bring a man to you, only with one thought that no one else has done this to you.

When watching a feature film, you can try the girl to stroke his body. Find in it the zones from which the man will be very pleased.

When performing a task, they praise their beloved. Men are less subject to depression than women. However, when she appears to him, it is more difficult for him to get out of this situation. Therefore, when you praise him, his self-esteem rises.

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