The Harm of Overeating

At least once in life every person faced with overeating during the meal. So I want to try every dish. But the result is always the same – overeating and weight in the stomach. Regardless of age or sex, overeating negative impact on human health.

So, let’s understand why overeating is bad?

1. Digestion. If you overeat regularly, it can lead to problems with digestion.
2. Award. No need to reward yourself for any act food. This is a bad habit.
3. Fiber. To intestines working well, it requires fiber. Eat it should be morning and evening. Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits.
4. Process meal. You do not need to rush while eating. Eat need to slowly and chew food thoroughly. This will be the key to good work of the stomach and intestines.
5. Plate. There is no need to use large dishes. Choose a medium-size bowl. So you can never put a lot of food.
6. Active lifestyle. Do not forget to lead an active life. Jump, run, walk around on foot – just do not sit at home on the couch.

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