The ideal age for the first birth was postponed

Scientists spoke at an international conference on obstetrics and gynecology, with the same statements that the ideal age for the first pregnancy and childbirth, which was previously determined in the interval of twenty to twenty-seven years, should be postponed to a later period and limited to only one year in district of thirty-four years.

Thus, after such speeches in maternity hospitals, those who decided to have a child at twenty-five years old will no longer be called old-timers.

A woman who reached the age of thirty, according to doctors, is the most prepared for the creation of a family and the upbringing of children. Despite the fact that the same doctors and scientists at the same conference made it clear that after thirty-five to bear children it becomes dangerous for the health of a woman and her baby.

And these two facts, which are slightly contradictory to each other, a little alarmed the public, who was accustomed to rely on the opinions and directions of those who stood at the microphone.

It turns out that in order to give birth at the ideal age for this moment, it is desirable to get pregnant on your birthday, because if you are late with this process, you can delay the date of birth of your child for the most dangerous period of thirty-five years. It’s rather strange to give a woman just one year to have a child and create a strong family.

Why after thirty?

It turns out that psychologists also played an important role in this belief. After all, these doctors believe that after thirty years, a woman has a more stable income and relationships with her partner, in order to have a child. She also accumulates life experience by this time, which tells about how to act correctly in this or that situation. Based on these data, at this age, women are psychologically more prepared than, for example, twenty or twenty-five years. But the women themselves. who can express their own opinion on this issue, are sure that if children are born between the ages of twenty and twenty-seven, many psychological trauma can be avoided. After all, what would not the scientists say, and if a woman did not give birth until the age of twenty-eight, she is already beginning to look askance at the significant views of others and a secret question is over it, what is the reason that she is not yet a mother.

And a very important point is that the less the difference between a mother and a child at an age, the more they will understand each other.

Therefore, when girls after the institute marry and have children, this is considered by the people to be the most correct act in their life. After all, a career and everything else can wait, but children after thirty can already not appear.

The female organism has always been a mystery to scientists and still contains many secrets, the answers to which have not yet been found. Therefore, if we talk about the ideal age or some other standards that people are accustomed to establish for each other, then one can never come to a common opinion.

After all, all the processes that occur in the body in a person are so individual that if for someone to give birth at twenty-eight late, then for another woman and at thirty-seven the body will not yet be ready. Therefore, one should always focus on one’s own health and the fact that doctors can tell what to do and when. Therefore, in order to obtain more accurate information about your health, you should visit the specialists in this or that area as often as possible. And then everything will fall into place.

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