The Ideal Waist Should Not Exceed Half of the Growth

Scientists, University of London studied the dependence of individual human life expectancy from his waist circumference.

They found that, regardless of the growth in value, age and gender, waist circumference exceeding half growth creates health problems.

Subject to this rule, the average expected duration of a person’s life can reach 80 years. Every extra centimeter, according to statistics, takes from several months to a year of life.

By the age of 30 years should not be exceeded waist circumference of 90 cm under any circumstances. Waist is measured by the measuring tape at the time of breath through the lowest point of palpable ribs, with the exception strong belt tension.

The result of the research and conclusions made from it are explained simply – waist circumference determined by the amount of visceral (internal, as opposed to subcutaneous) fat in the human body, and it is determined by the level of cholesterol in the blood and the presence of heart disease and diabetes.

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