The incentive for the development of the Swiss economy

Paradoxically, phenomenally, uniquely, these and other words, with a similar meaning, can be relevant, describing the economic sphere of Switzerland.

Indeed, the paradox is on the face, because taking into account the almost complete absence of its own minerals on the territory of the state, Switzerland holds a leading position in the world in many areas. Annually, the state demonstrates record figures for economic development and sales of cereals and oilseeds, cotton, sugar. The country is one of the largest sites for the sale of raw materials, not only among the countries of the European Union, but also among the countries of the world. Increase bewilderment and surprise, as the country was able to reach such a high economic level, small size of Switzerland and a low population – only 8.5 million people.

Despite rather limited natural conditions, the state is considered one of the main exporters in the world of products of the chemical industry and pharmaceutical products, precious metals, jewelry and world-famous accessories, electrical equipment, clothing, textiles, footwear and others.

Considering the positive aspects of the Swiss economy, many states of the world are trying to find the source of stability and the secret of economic success, in order to try to achieve no less impressive results. But as the world practice shows, it is rather difficult to surpass Switzerland and few succeeded.

Ideal conditions for entrepreneurial activity

Despite its rather small territorial dimensions and lack of natural resources, Switzerland is considered the most competitive country in the world, has a high potential and an equally high standard of living. A stable well-coordinated economic system in the state determined the people who live and work in various enterprises of the country, a decent wage and the opportunity to become a representative of a high stratum of the population. Historically formed tactics in the political structure of the state are fully aimed at the need to constantly improve the quality of life of the population and at the state level to increase the criterion.

The state of the country has created ideal conditions for the possibility of developing entrepreneurial activity of different scales. In the territory of the state there is a minimum level of unemployment.

The indigenous population has a generalized desire for well-being and, therefore, with zeal and diligence, is moving towards its goal. More than 75% of the working-age population operates in the tourism sector. Every year, the territory is visited by more than 10 million guests who prefer a comfortable and fascinating ski holiday in Switzerland. The country also attracts with its historical sights. Therefore, the enrichment of the country is taking place at a rapid pace because of the developed tourist services.

The banking system is a separate niche of the economy

The strongest aspects of the Swiss mentality, which are undoubtedly present to the indigenous people, are responsibility, ensuring confidentiality and security for partners, loyal and tolerant attitudes towards people, restraint in traditions and mandatory observance of rules and norms. These are the qualities that have shaped the indigenous people and the state as a whole the reputation of a trustworthy country that attracts foreign investors. The dominant investments in state enterprises are the European Union and the United States of America.

On the territory of the country there are enterprises developing high-tech devices that have no analogues in the world. The Swiss banking system is a key element in the financial relationships of all European countries. The number of banking organizations on the territory of the country is extremely high, and the quality of service in each of them is the standard that is sought throughout the world. A strict security system for the customer’s personal data is a condition that can not be violated under any circumstances. In this regard, Swiss banks do not have a deficit of clients, among which are the wealthiest people in the world. Large financial investments certainly have a positive impact on the economy of the state, providing it with stable financial charges.