The Internal Clock of the Body

At different times of day a person experiences the vigor and vitality, then apathy. This condition is explained very simply. In the body there are internal clock by which the human body and lives.

So, on what schedule live our body?

1. 6-8 hours. This is the perfect time to wake up. If you do it later, that person will feel apathy.
2. 8-10 hours. This is the perfect time to eat. In no case can not give up breakfast as in the future it will be fraught with serious problems.
3. 10-12 hours. In this time interval the body is at its peak. Engage in mental or physical work.
4. 12-14 hours. Now there is a recession, so we need to eat.
5. 14-16 hours. The organism is experiencing another surge in activity.
6. 16-18 hours. This is the perfect time to go to the gym. Train health.
7. 18-20 hours. In no case do not need to eat close. Dinner should be light. Gradually prepare the body for sleep.
8. 20-22 hours. Now, try to relax as much as possible.
9. 22- 23 hours. During this period, you need to sleep, what would the next day be cheerful.

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