The Lack of Vitamins and the Behavior of the Hair

Each woman carefully follows her hair condition. Always want to achieve their beauty and health. But not always everything turns out as you want. Very often hair begins to fall out and break. The reason for this is the lack of vitamins. So, let’s find out how the hair behaves depending on what vitamin is not enough in the body.

1. Vitamin A. If the hair began to break and crack, then we can assume about the lack of vitamin A in the body. Add to the main meals, liver, pumpkin, carrots, gooseberries.
2. Vitamins of group B. After washing hair quickly become fat, this indicates that the vitamin B of vitamins does not reach the body. Eat porridge (buckwheat, barley) and bread of coarse grinding.
3. Vitamin E. The hair became dull and lost its shine due to a lack of vitamin E. Add the seeds, nuts, olive oil to the diet.

Lovely women, remember, all vitamins and minerals come to us with food. Do not deplete your body with diets, as this will have a bad effect not only on health, but also on hair and nails.

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