The Lenses or Glasses?

Currently, human eyes are experiencing a huge load. Man does not give my eyes the slightest relaxation. At work, you need to work on the computer while at home – watch your favorite TV series, rather than to spend some time outdoors.

In this regard, more and more people wear glasses or lenses. The choice depends on the person. What he likes to wear more, or more convenient.

So, what are the positive features have lenses?

If a person leads an active lifestyle, it will be much easier to wear lenses. This is due to the fact that they will not fall down. And they do not need to correct. In the winter time, they will not sweat when you go into the room. No one will tease you insulting nicknames. But it is worth remembering that the lenses need to ensure proper storage and care for them. If you do not stick to simple rules, we can bring an infection in the eye.

What are the advantages of glasses?

Points do not require such scrupulous care and storage are so tightly ka horses are not in contact with the eyes. Beautiful and fashionable sunglasses can perfectly complement your image.

Weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, because only the choice is yours!

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