The Main Cause of Allergy

Currently, statistics about allergic diseases are disappointing. Every year, people who face allergies are becoming more and more.

Many doctors are trying to understand why this is happening. Why is a newborn child born with an allergy? This is a serious question.

So, what did you find out?

Scientists from many countries of the world have come to the conclusion that people themselves are to blame for the fact that they are allergic. The thing is that now everything is just crazy about cleanliness. It should be always and everywhere. Disinfection occurs with the help of various aggressive agents. It is very cleanliness that leads to allergies.

Nobody says that you need to live in mud, but you do not need to clean the apartment with modern means. Running water for washing floors will be enough. It is not necessary to add any means for glossing the floor.

While a person is so clean, the disease will not be able to win.

Finally, for example, I want to bring residents of villages that are practically not ill with allergic diseases. This is due to the fact that they have constant contact with the earth, in which many microorganisms live.

Draw your own conclusions!

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