The Methods of Modern Contraception

In today’s world, the couple can decide what period of life they have a baby. Undoubtedly, this fashionable achieved if properly protected.

Currently, many different methods of contraception.

1. Condom. However, many couples do not give it priority. This is justified by the fact that the latex article takes the edge off the feeling.
2. Candles. Candles should be administered immediately before intercourse. To many it seems inconvenient.
3. Hormonal pills. Tablets are one of the more reliable Metolit contraception. However, there is one important caveat. They need to drink at the same time and in any case not to miss the reception. But women being forgetful.
4. Hormonal injections. Hormone injections of its functions are similar to tablets, but they must prick once a month. This greatly simplifies the lives of many women. But do not forget that this method has positive and negative sides. Carefully read all the information on this issue and consult a gynecologist.

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