The most Beautiful Bride

For the wedding, every woman is preparing very carefully. This day is simply magical. Undoubtedly, all need to be carefully considered. However, special attention should be paid to their appearance.

So, how to prepare for such an important event like a wedding?

1. For three months. Three months before the wedding to find a wedding stylist. A good professional always has a lot of customers. Therefore, take care of appointment. It is equally important to follow the diet. During this time, you can come in good shape. Avoid foods that lead to weight gain (mayonnaise, sweets, white bread).
2. For two months. Now you can safely go to the gym. During this time the body will get a beautiful and correct forms. It is important to learn to relax and cope with their emotions. To do this, sign up for a massage.
3. For one month. Refer to the hairdresser, can be a little freshen hairstyle. You can also make an appointment to the dentist.
4. For seven days. Now is the perfect time to do hair removal. Weeks is enough that the skin has calmed down and was tender.
5. For one day. Make manicure. The field which you can relax and think about your bright future with your loved one.

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